The SaltyMF GOAT

Bill Hale CEO at FetchGoat- Navy veteran, family man & entrepreneur

July 30, 2023 The GOAT Season 1 Episode 11
The SaltyMF GOAT
Bill Hale CEO at FetchGoat- Navy veteran, family man & entrepreneur
Show Notes

The SaltyMF GOAT Podcast with Bill Hale Navy veteran, family man, entrepreneur and the CEO at  FetchGoat .

Brad Banyas of SaltyMF Enterprises sits down with Bill Hale to talk about life, the Navy, entrepreneurship and his company FetchGoat to learn how they are democratizing the last mile delivery services market to lower courier and package delivery costs.  The FetchGoat platform leverages thousands of local and regional providers to allow for Carrier Diversification for businesses only utilizing UPS, FedEx and the USPS.
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About FetchGoat:

FetchGoat solves the biggest issue for companies using multiple last mile providers: how to manage and monitor all delivery companies in real-time through a single dashboard.

The co-founders at FetchGoat set out to connect delivery providers in every city across the country with the vision to create the world’s largest delivery network. These industry veterans knew the largest delivery network in the world already exists – it needed FetchGoat to connect that delivery network in a single easy to access system.

We decided that providing this delivery management system for enterprise shippers was the fastest way to connect a nationwide network of highest performing delivery agents.

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