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Say Yes to Meat- Carnivore Snax Founder CEO Mark Ritz

October 02, 2023 Season 1 Episode 16
The SaltyMF GOAT
Say Yes to Meat- Carnivore Snax Founder CEO Mark Ritz
Show Notes

The SaltyMF GOAT Podcast with Mark Ritz Founder & CEO of Carnivore Snax.

Brad Banyas of SaltyMF Enterprises sits down with Mark Ritz to talk about the real super food "MEAT".  Carnivore Snax is making delicious New York strip, ribeye, brisket and more cuts with their unique cooking method. Protein up and satisfy your palate with something amazing "Meat & Salt". It's like having an extra pound of meat in your pocket, the texture is crispy, airy and chip like! 

About Carnivore Snax:

No additives, no seasonings, no marinades, no sugar. No fire, no grill, no steak knife needed. It's not jerky. It's not your average snack.

These are meat snacks crafted from better meat. With a focus on regenerative agriculture, our mission is clear: the wrongful vilification of meat won't get us anywhere, but a strong sense of honesty will. All of this makes us stand out from the herd.

We only source our meat from farmers who apply regenerative agricultural practices. These farms mimic the wild, making them carbon sequestering and wonderfully humane for all their healthy animals. From raising the herd to cutting the meat, everything's done without cutting corners. Our relationships with the most elite and ethical farmers (only in the USA) serve the carnivore in you, with love.

Say Yes to Meat:

*Everyone has a story to tell, it may not be perfect nor ideal, but it is Real. The Attitude Wears Well!

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