The SaltyMF GOAT

Mark MacDonald- World-renowned nutrition & fitness expert

October 09, 2023 Season 1 Episode 17
The SaltyMF GOAT
Mark MacDonald- World-renowned nutrition & fitness expert
Show Notes

The SaltyMF GOAT Podcast with Mark MacDonald Nutritionist & Fitness Expert

Brad Banyas of SaltyMF Enterprises sits down with Mark MacDonald to talk about all things’ nutrition, blood sugar & entrepreneurship. Mark shares his best advice for staying healthy and eating right. Just try and improve one percent every day to Live Your Greatest Health!

Mark MacDonald weekly, where he hosts The NIL House Nutrition Show

About Mark MacDonald:

Mark Macdonald is a husband to his wife Abbi and father to their son Hunter and daughter Hope.

Professionally, he’s a world-renowned nutrition & fitness expert, NY Times best-selling author, media personality, international teacher and speaker, and entrepreneur who has helped everyone from celebrities to athletes to business executives to busy moms on how to permanently live their best health.

His life’s mission is to change how the world looks at food and empower people to ditch dieting and learn how to balance their blood sugar by eating PFC3, as well as partnering with passion filled health professionals aligned with the same purpose.

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