The SaltyMF GOAT

Kirk Driskell Founder of Vision Warriors- Men in search of their true calling!

November 15, 2023 Season 1 Episode 19
The SaltyMF GOAT
Kirk Driskell Founder of Vision Warriors- Men in search of their true calling!
Show Notes

The SaltyMF GOAT Podcast with Kirk Driskell Founder of Vision Warriors a men's recovery facility and host of  Cattywampus Podcast - When Life Goes Askew!

Join the conversation as Brad Banyas of SaltyMF Enterprises interviews Kirk Driskell. Kirk talks about his experience with alcohol and ultimately how he founded his non profit Vision Warriors and the WarOn Addictions ministry.

About Vision Warriors Mission:

What does it mean to be a Vision Warrior? A Vision Warrior is a man who is in search of his true calling.  A man who is willing to encourage change when needed. A man who is willing to push against resistance when in pursuit of his vision. A man who sacrifices, battles through pain, and lives a life of discipline so that he can be a better Disciple, Father, Husband, Leader and Friend.

Vision Warrior is a faith community that focuses on community, accountability and transparency. Our focus is to create an environment where men can feel and express their deepest passions, fears, and pains without a filter.

Our Recovery homes are not just an ordinary home. They are houses where men are cared for, challenged, and held accountable to a pursuit of lasting recovery, beyond sobriety. The men are encouraged and supported through weekly meetings, the development of deep relationships, and daily meals. 

The men have house chores and are expected to help daily with household items. We have a house manager who makes sure the house remains clean, taken care of, and also administers random testing throughout the week to ensure everyone is clean and staying on the right path. We have a zero-tolerance policy for the use of any drugs or alcohol.

*Everyone has a story to tell, it may not be perfect nor ideal, but it is Real. The Attitude Wears Well!